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@gbnana You are brave to let us know about how you are dealing with your health journey. You have heard some great suggestions here, also. Many of us get a diagnosis and are stunned to wordlessness, right? We seem stuck in quicksand, and the world continues on its merry way all around us, while we are in a bubble of "what now? what if? what to do?".

For me, taking those deep breaths, doing something that brings a smile to your face, a joy to your heart even if for only a while, cooking an amazing meal to share with friends or neighbors, all help. Also, something I do is write it all out. Get it out of your mind, releasing some of the power it holds in your mind. Carry on a question-and-answer dialogue with the diagnosis, dominant hand asking, changing to non-dominant hand for answer. You might be surprised what is shown to you. And you never need to go back and reread if you do not want to. I hope you are feeling better this weekend, knowing we all are rooting for you!

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Thanks Ginger, your ideas sound like great ones to try. This Mayo connect has already meant so much to me. The time people have taken to reach out to me is so appreciated and so helpful.

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