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Is it safe to take one "Baby Aspirin" a day?

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Hi @0927sandy, baby aspirin isn’t as innocent as it sounds. While it’s been used for years to potentially prevent strokes and cardiovascular problems, in more recent studies it’s found daily aspirin can cause serious bleeding issues and other problems.
My husband was prescribed baby Asprin years ago, along with high blood pressure meds. He’s super fit, healthy, always watches his weigh and diet. Out of the blue, he started having pains in his stomach. A trip to the gastroenterologist and a scope of his digestive system found several ulcerated area from his little daily baby aspirin. It can damage the lining of the stomach even when taken with food.

I found some good articles for you to read. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/heart-disease/in-depth/daily-aspirin-therapy/art-20046797
Before you decide to take a baby aspirin or any medication or supplement that you’re not certain about, make sure you contact your own physician first.

Is there a reason you feel you need to be on a blood thinner?