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I completely understand. I’ve been reading everything I can since I was diagnosed a few weeks ago. I think I’m on information overload now. I seem to go back and forth between the feeling of “this can’t be” and “I have to be realistic”. I hope you find that sense of direction you’re looking for after your follow up tests and consultations. I’m hoping for the same. Take care.

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I appreciate your comments. I don't know about you, but the more I read the more ominous it appears. And I agree with your feelings. The first time around with prostate cancer, I did not feel bad. So I thought the same, this can't be. I guess that is what makes cancer so scary, because there may well be a day that it will be much more difficult. Please stay in touch and thank you. Hope you also find a measure of peace and comfort.

I was re-reading some posts and wanted to reach out and find out how your tests went. I have all my tests (I thought) done, only to find out they were for the bone structures only. I go back in December to have scans done on organs and flesh. The anxiety has subsided somewhat. But the continuing wait for the other scans is creating pressure. I do have a tentative game plan in place, IF no further cancer spots are found. My last visit was somewhat traumatic because we discussed all the things that I worried about. Including life expectancy. Time to take to heart on all the advice to be positive and set new goals. I have to chuckle…..I am about to start working harder as a retired person, than I ever did as a business owner. Ironic!

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