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psychotherapy sessions and privacy

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Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, @lsittll.

I've been in psychotherapy and my therapist never left the door open. In addition, they always had a white noise machine outside the door to protect my privacy.

Like you, I'd be very uncomfortable with the door open. That open door would increase my anxiety of even being in that office. And who needs that for whatever reasons brought you to psychotherapy.? Perhaps it's a security issue if no one else is in the office when you meet with your therapist? This is something I would bring up at the very beginning of the next session. You might be nervous about bringing this up but ultimately this is about you and your feelings.

Many years ago I met with a psychologist in private practice who took phone calls during my sessions with him (I think I had only two or three sessions). This was before cell phone days. I was very distressed because these interruptions felt like he wasn't interested in listening to me and wasn't invested in my mental health care. I never went back but never told him why. In retrospect, I should have told him but I wasn't assertive enough to do that at the time. And I was payng out of my own pocket too!

Please come back and let us know what your therapist tells you about the open door. And I hope by bringing this up with her she will help you to be comfortable about asking her questions about her methods.

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I have not been in her office for weeks. I will be discontinuing to see her. She lacks many important qualities that I need in a counsellor. This is one of them.


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