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Left Flank Pain

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@bhinsley hello and allow me to welcome you to Connect along with @gingerw.

I thought you may be interested in the following information.

- 25-Year-Old Man With Flank Pain, Hematuria, and Proteinuria:

"Can traces of blood in urine be normal? It is normal for urine to have very small amounts of blood in it. However there are standards that can, either in a laboratory or in the doctor's office with a dipstick, distinguish between a normal number of blood cells and an abnormal number of blood cells."

MICROHEMATURIA - Mount Sinai Medical Center - UROLOGY: https://www.msmc.com/urology/microhematuria/

Does anything ring a bell with your symptoms in these articles?

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Thank you for the response @amandajro ! There are a few things that ring a bell especially with the first article. The reason for my kidney biopsy was the fact last year I started having protein in urine along with blood in urine (both microscopic and macroscopic). They were thinking IgA Nephropathy but the biopsy came back negative. They then put me on blood pressure medication for 3 weeks but that did not help either. They were also thinking a form of Lupus but they is now off the table.

The only lead we have right now is the 4 herniated disks and pinch nerve from my Thoracic MRI. That being said they told me it is "normal wear and tear" which doesn't make me too confident with accepting the referral to the spine specialist. These dead ends are costly and with them saying that it has lead me to explore a second opinion or just giving up and making this my new normal.