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I thought this issue had been put to bed awhile back.
As you know it's your decision wether or not to replace the battery, not the doctors. Don't allow them to persuade you to do something your against. You have given the VNS 21 years to prove it's effectiveness which it hasn't done. If I were in your position I'd make it crystal clear to the doctor that the battery won't be replaced, period, end of story.
Have you considered removing the leads and coils or just letting the battery die?
Take care,

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Hello @jakedduck1
I wish this issue was resolved. The doctor recommended it be replaced before at her hospital. It's an out of network hospital with Cigna so I paid 100%. She still insists it be replaced at another hospital that I told her is in the network. Research has shown I must pay nearly $1,000 in copays to have it done there. The battery shall die and is probably dead if it was at a less than 10% level 8 months ago. She told me a friend has pacemakers with dead batteries inside her yet she is still alive so I will be okay. You said earlier that you wondered what her reasoning is that the VNS is an added medicine. My seizures are better with it at a low level. Yet they were more frequent at a higher level. The only difference is I wasn't on Zonisamide. I highly question her reasoning. My assertiveness is not always so good. The nurse practitioner told me today that my social worker should be able to help me with the assertiveness skills I should use with the doctor.

I see you liked my comment. I have a pretty good memory about all you said. I'm pretty sure I do.

Take care,