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Left Flank Pain

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@bhinsley Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! We're glad you found your way here.

Pain in your left flank plus the finding of a slightly enlarged spleen might be an indication of some sort of damage to that organ. Did your doctor followup with you on that? Have you had any trauma to that area from late February on, a rough game of touch football, auto accident, off-roading over extreme terrain, etc.? Just a thought...

I hope you get some answers soon that will alleviate your concern, and let me know what you find out.

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@gingerw Thank you for responding. I am glad to be here. I am at a loss because every specialist I've gone to besides the GI specialist has told me they can't do anything for me and brush me aside. My PCP has been amazing. As for the injury or trauma to the area the answer is no. I have an office job and go to school so I don't much of anything besides work and school. I am wondering if it is not internal to any organ, which the imaging shows, if maybe something outside my kidneys or colon could be the cause. Maybe some sort of tissue growth such as scar tissue, though I don't know why I would have scar tissue. But maybe it could be my spleen causing my pain. I have also considered it being some sort of blockage in my circulatory system in that area. I found something called Nutcracker Syndrome that matches a lot of my symptoms but I don't know.