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Total Knee Replacement: Swelling

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This is a very good thread … I am 59 had tkr aug 12 right now I am at 75 degrees I can relate to most all that is said ….. I start Aqua therapy on November 1 hoping it will help ….. I started measuring my knee to see what is swollen and just tight because sometimes they feel same last night at bed was 16 1/2 I use cryotherapy at night I switch my front to back of my knee during night when I woke up was little less than 16 .,, but soon as I start moving goes right back up …. My dr not very helpful he gave up at 8 weeks I have been researching on my own and through this site so thank you all for sharing it helps so when I don’t know what else to do read another article where someone tried something else …. Because let’s face it all trial and error at this point ..,,I just hoping something or everything I am doing finally works ….. so thank you again god bless

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Hmm, are you still icing regularly? It is a really good strategy at the end of your day to elevate and ice to alleviate the stress of getting around all day. When I had one of my hip replacements, and ongoing swelling, I also got my leg up and iced at lunch time (kept a big ice pack in the office freezer.) That continued for over 4 months.

Good afternoon ezas123. I am going to add a bit to Sue's advice about icing and elevating because I took the question to my MFR therapist yesterday. She has kept my swelling down while I waited about a year for my recent TKR. When the area fills with fluid that is generated by our body to try to fight the infected knee area, it needs to be pushed out as part of the MFR treatments. What you may have noticed is that your calf on the surgery foot has shrunken at the same time that the knee has swollen. And that is from muscle atrophy because we tend to use that leg less the closer we get to surgery.

So….we need to keep the fluid calm and the muscles active. How is your pain level?

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.