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Autoimmune diagnosing

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If both of your doctors are suggesting this vaccine, I’d go ahead with it. How many more cycles of chemo do you have? Depending on completion of treatment, could you have the vaccine in December or early January, at last 2-4 weeks before transplant? Would you feel more comfortable waiting until your treatments are over?

Having an autonomous SCT, you won’t some of the other issues associated allo transplants such as Graft Vs Host disease. So you won’t be receiving anti rejection meds which further cause your immune system to be compromised. Though initially you’ll have antibiotics and antifungal meds to keep you safe until your bone marrow starts producing blood cells again.

Unfortunately, anytime we have a blood cancer, even in remission, our immune system won’t ever be as robust as before With the conditioning chemo right before transplant you will lose all immunity as it cleans out your marrow of all diseased cells. However, since you’ll be receiving your own cells in the transplant you’ll be restoring your immune system, complete with your killer T and B-memory immune cells. So anything you do now to boost your immunity will live on. ☺️

Chemo is rough on the digestive system. Are you able to eat yogurt? That seemed to help keep things calm for me.

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Thank you so so much for your info!! I actually would feel more comfortable waiting until chemo is over…maybe I’ll bring this up again with oncologist and say I prefer to wait till after chemo.
The information you have given me here is more than I can get from my oncologist. Thanks again!! Greatly appreciate it

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