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About to start Prolia: What's your experience?

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Thank you so much. The more information I receive helps me so much. I have had teeth problems in the past due to the amalgam that used to be put in the fillings. Then having fibro didn't help either and TMJ too. That is why I am so concerned with any major work being done on my jaw. I feel the same way about metals as I feel that is why I have had problems in the past. I really appreciate the information that you have passed along.

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@ams You are welcome! I'm glad I could help. I had my silver amalgam fillings removed, but they had already caused an auto immune thyroid problem (Hashimotos) according to my functional medicine doctor. I have to take desiccated pig thyroid to replace what my thyroid doesn't do. Old silver fillings leach mercury vapor which is toxic. The antibody levels against my thyroid were off the charts, and after I had the fillings removed and replaced by a biological dentist with resin composites, the antibodies were a low level. Now it tests as borderline, but the damage has been done.

You may be interested in our discussion on Myofascial Release and the first pages have lots of links to information. It may help to release tight tissue to get your jaw realigned. I have had that too and MFR helped and getting fascia moving will help release waste products that get stored there. You can search for an MFR therapist here. http://mfrtherapists.com/


If you are interested in an Environmental Medicine or functional medicine doctor, there is a provider search at this link.