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About to start Prolia: What's your experience?

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I am thinking that I won't continue with Prolia as I haven't seen much improvement with any bone building medications. I do eat good things and exercise. I haven't had the stomach problems, This tooth has already had a root canal but the roots weren't completely taken out. I don't see the sense in trying to save the tooth when there isn't that much of the tooth there and the endodontist doesn't give me good vibes about saving the tooth.

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@ams I have been down that road of old failing root canals and I chose to have the teeth extracted and I got Zirconium implants and Zirconium replacement teeth so it is all ceramic and no metal in my body. As a bonus after the bad teeth were removed, my asthma improved greatly because my immune system wasn't dealing with toxic cadmium from the gutta percha in the root canal and the infection from the tooth that never clears up. I am glad I did not get titanium implants. They are not pure and have other metals in them and some people are allergic which is a problem after the jaw bone heals around an implant. I did have to live with titanium plates on my ankle bone after a fracture and it caused pain, heat in the joint and chronic hives. I had that removed and am back to normal now. When root canals fail, it sends all the stuff in the tooth into the jaw bone. That happened to me and it ate a hole in the bone. At first I saved the tooth and the oral surgeon cleaned out the infection in the bone and cut off the tip of the root and repacked the tooth. Then a couple years later, the tooth next to that went bad, and since I had 4 root canal teeth in a row, I replaced all of them with implants and a bridge. They were not worth saving, and my health improved dramatically after they were removed. Implants and replacement teeth are very expensive… about $5000 a tooth so be prepared for a shock when you inquire about that. All of this was a result of an accident and breaking my teeth as a kid, and all the dental work over the years that failed and was replaced a few times. It is also a very long process of about a year or more to complete.