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For me it has mostly been time and patience. I’ve noticed that since my initial post here a month ago that I’m doing even better (I’m right at the 1-year mark). My pulmo reminds me that lungs can take a year and longer to heal from something like this. And I have a friend with severe long-haul issues who is actually being seen by Mayo, and she says they told her that 2-years is is possible. There is debate on this, but I found that exercising and pushing myself did help … I started riding my bike most days and it was initially tough. Now it’s much easier … I think I had become deconditioned from all the “resting”. I’m still on the asthma meds (Trelegy), but I may try to ween off of it at year’s end. And like you, I had debilitating fatigue for about 4-months (I could barely walk 10-feet). And I was dizzy. Thank goodness we worked from home or I would have had to take medical leave.

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Thanks for your quick response! I have tried pushing myself also because I know that I have become deconditioned. But I cannot seem to get past a 60-75% percent pre-COVID fitness wall. I push for a few days but then relapse. Then push for a few days and then relapse. I try not to overdo it and start slowly but am obviously doing something wrong. This cycle has been ongoing since April 2021. My PCP has recommended getting professional help with this so I have an appointment with the Jacksonville Mayo COVID clinic in two weeks. I am hoping that they can help guide me back to full activity. I have a suspicion that my Printzmetal Angina and asthma are somehow at odds and that is what keeps knocking me down.
How far did you ride when you first started activity? And how often?

Recoverying from Covid and Had infusion [ast week , still SOB and csome cough but doing better at least not in the hospital or ventilator Keep on plugging away