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Any positive stories about Benzo tapering?

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I’ve by taking 10mg Zanex three times a day for about 20 years (it’s now 10/21/21). It was always prescribed by the VA. Now, suddenly, they, the VA, want me to stop taking ZANEX. I am terrified of side effects. I have never abused it or gotten any kind of highness. I DONOT use alcohol or other drugs. Only what I’m prescribed, Wellbutrin. I feel wonderful, energetic, social, clear headed & overall well and happy. I am 66, in good shape and I’m a high energy person. I began taking Zanex after a tragic event in my life, rendering me helpless to do anything. I do not like change. Im afraid. Wouldn’t detox be safer than weaning off Zanex? 30mg daily is a lot but haven’t I built up a tolerance?
Thanksgiving and Xmas is the worse & most stressful time of the year for me. I don’t want the frequent panic attacks to start again. I faint. I’m afraid I will get hurt, crack my skull, if I’m alone when I faint.

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Do NOT do detox. They taper much too quickly! 30 mgs. ? Is this a typo? If it is 30 mgs. per day you have been taking I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to taper off that amount. Was it a prescription? I’m hoping no doctor in the world would ever prescribe someone 30mgs. Xanax per day. That’s just scary. He needs to be reported. And the pharmacy that was filling this script?

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