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Thank you. Yes, I also take Mucinex LA 2 times a day. Thank you for suggestion of clinic medication management specialist. MAI. Another story. It was seen on a sputum culture and areas in my lungs that doc suspected was MAI. Treatment? I changed PCP & pulmonologist about 6 months after the sputum spec and CT Scan when I saw on the summary from Pulmo to PCP that: "….I do not believe that this lady is a good candidate for long term antibiotic therapy." Neither of them had explained to me what MAI was or what the treatment was or possible other fungus in the lungs? I have a different PCP and a different Pulmo now and I have been to UNC Chapel Hill, NC' Bronchiectasis Clinic. The Pulmo at UNC Chapel Hill told me that I should have a local pulmo and I will go to Chapel Hill every 6 months.

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I am so glad you have found the Chapel Hill Clinic, as well as local PCP and pulmonologist.
The medication regimen for MAI is definitely tough, so if you are well-controlled, the 7% saline may just be the thing for you (it has worked for me for 22 months now after I had to stop the antibiotics due to side effects.)

Sorry I cannot help with the Navage question – my ENT told me years ago that I wasn't a good candidate for nasal washes, which didn't hurt my feelings one bit! Putting liquid up my nose makes me feel like I am drowning.


What does the LA after the Mucinex mean?