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I have bronchiectasis and MAI, also have had pseudomonas in lungs about 9 months ago. Treated 3 weeks with Cypro. Diagnosed 2 years ago but problem started with severe and lengthy bronchial infection.
Other problems: Heart block with pace maker and beta blocker, (Bisoprolol Fumate to control atril fib.
GERD following a bleeding ulcer 3 years ago.
Chronic sinusitis with post nasal drip
Have had reactions to nasal sprays and inhalers due to interaction with beta blocker for heart. Caused Shortness of breath and one severe reaction with rash over entire body and an ER visit.
Bronchodilators (Albuterol and Levalbuterol help with mucus clearing but severe tachycardia and SOB, so stopped brochodilator 1 week ago.
Now only Neb 7% saleine followed by Budesonide and using Smart Vest and Aeroika at intervals during the 7% saline inhalation.
I am on oxygen at 2 L/M for sleep Oxygen was dropping to dangerously low during the night.
Would like suggestions on:
1. Ways to decrease the airway clearance time
2. Meds for chronic sinusitis ( I have tried Azelastine;
Fluticasone Propionate; Mometasone. Each worked for sinusitis but could not use because of causing sever SOB .
3 Bronchodilatro that may work with cardiac Beta blocker, Bisoprolol Fumarate.

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It sounds to me like your questions are mostly surrounding me dicationsand issues you have with the side effects and interactions. We don't provide medical advice here, but when ihad a conflict, a thorough consult with our clinic's medication management specialists, who are pharmacists with additional training got me on track. I used a beta blocker for heart rhythm management, and after several trials, it was determined that my breathing issues were more crucial, so I sometimes have to rapid heartrate.
As for mucus clearing, I use Mucinex LA which thins the mucus without affecting my heart or asthma. It also seems to relieve post nasal drip, so I don't need sprays or nasal washes.
How was your MAI diagnosed, and has any decision been made about treating it?