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Bronchiectasis what are the stages and symptoms

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Wow, check out that Pari Vios "green monster" - or maybe your nebulizer cup. Mine dispenses 4ml of saline or duoneb in about 12 minutes using the Pari LC Plus nebulizer. My old Pari (over 10 years old) took a lot longer, so I replaced it with a new one from Walgreens for about $60. By the way, Pari also has an LC Sprint cup that's supposed to be even faster - I might try it next time. I buy neb supplies on line, and replace mine about every 3 months - cup and tubing.

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Hi Sue, thanks for the nebulizer recommendations. I would like to combine the aerobika with the nebulizer. Will this work with the Pari?

@sueinmn I just switched from the Pari LC Plus neb cup to the LC Sprint...Wow. Cuts the time down to about 6 minutes....and very little medication escapes from the cup as it used to do with the LC Plus. The only difference that I notice is that the 7% seems harsher with the Sprint. (and my cats get a lot less playtime now).

Sue, I use a new Pari Vios green compressor with a new LC Sprint nebulizer. It takes me about 14 minutes to nebulize 4ml of 7% saline. Pari recently changed the design of the Sprint and it takes longer now than the old design. Also, it leaves a bit of solution in the cup at the end. 🙁

I just picked up a Pari Trek S for convenience and road trips. For years I used the bowl shaped nebulizer cup and others. There is a night and day difference between those and the LC Sprint which came with the Pari Trek. I feel as if I'm getting much more medication to where it really belongs with the Pari and it is faster. I now have a hint of salty taste after nebulizing saline which I never had before. I recommend experimenting with different nebulizers, but definitely try the Pari!!!!

I'm brand new here, and my SmartVest is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Can't wait to see if that makes a difference.