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I had to to leave a post for you on this. This is the exact thing that happened to me when I contracted Lymes Disease. I had a ridiculously painful growing skin rash that hurt with a light breeze. I couldn't sleep or even lay down! I didn't think it was Lymes because I had not seen any bites. Come to find out, a rash can occur anywhere. Not necessarily at a bite. I had been so careful for years as a Landscaper. I forget the name of the Antibiotics I had been perscribed but, they helped with the rash and the unbearable pain. I can't tell you this is a result of Lymes but, it's something to consider. Hope this helps

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Thank you. I'll ask my doctor to test me for Lymes. Just what I need - one more condition. I have to admit that I'm weary of doctors, waiting rooms, labs, medicines, pharmacies ... all of it. I wish I could be healthy again, for just one month (I wrote day, crossed it out, wrote week, crossed that out). In one month I could finish my bucket list. No, two months. Yeah, two months. Peggy

Another possibility (even a likelihood) is Clarkson's Disease (CALR). It is a vascular disease. The vessels (mostly capillaries) just under the skin of any part of the body, including organs (spleen, lung, etc.--Same as Gelsolin (GSN) rupture and bleed into surrounding tissue. Rare, but not as rare as many would-be doctors guess. oldkarl