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@stevetaylor721 - Hi! I read your post and conversations since then.
I assume that you have/had your appointment at Iowa City hospitals and I’m interested to find out the outcome of the visit.
You mentioned that you have had high blood pressure the whole time as well as the lower heart rate. You also mentioned some neurological symptoms on and off.
Have you had a CT or MRI of the brain yet? Sometimes increased pressure in your brain can cause the combination of high blood pressure and slow heart rate.
I hope you are getting a thorough work up so you will get some answers and treatment so that your health improves.

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Thanks for the reply! Yep, my blood pressure was initially high but the last few readings have had some very low ones (for me) mixed in with the high readings. It’s been strange. I’ve had both a CT Scan and a MRI of my head here locally, and both were apparently normal. I did have my first appointment at Iowa City with a couple of good doctors who spent a lot of time going over my symptoms. They both felt that my symptoms are definitely neurological and have scheduled a continuous EEG in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your kind thoughts and information as I truly appreciate your taking the time to respond!