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Do you think you could be suffering from the BPPV form of vertigo? That could explain the tinnitus, poor balance, and vomiting. Lying flat for surgery could have initially provoked the vertigo. When I have BPPV, I have an "off" feeling, which might be a milder form of the episodes you describe. Is the vertigo provoked by turning your head to the side, such as on your pillow when you first wake up? That would be consistent with BPPV. The treatment is the Epley maneuver, which is highly effective and many physical therapists are trained to administer. I hope this information helps!

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Thank you for your reply! I did consider that possibility but the doctors I talked to dismissed it. There are too many additional symptoms for it to be that, and I have actually had a terrible bout of vertigo in the past due to an inner ear infection and have had several episodes of labyrinthitis over the past decade. At times I’ve had it so bad that i had to lay in bed for a couple of days or I’d get very sick. As debilitating as that was, it wasn’t as bad or diverse as these symptoms. The symptoms I am having now are definitely more distressing than even the horrible vertigo. Thanks again for the input and I appreciate your reply. It is actually great information!