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When I get that (feet/legs burning when covers touch them, can't sleep) I know I'm not taking enough gabapentin/lyrica, so I tell my doctor and we raise it. When I start to feel tired and weak during the day, I know that the neuropathy has receded a bit for the time being and I'm taking more gaba/lyrica than I need so I cut them back just a tad. I have axonal sensory neuropathy, over time it gradually gets worse. The gaba/lyrica calms down my nervous system so it slacks off of sending me false pain messages. Peggy

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I had to to leave a post for you on this. This is the exact thing that happened to me when I contracted Lymes Disease. I had a ridiculously painful growing skin rash that hurt with a light breeze. I couldn't sleep or even lay down! I didn't think it was Lymes because I had not seen any bites. Come to find out, a rash can occur anywhere. Not necessarily at a bite. I had been so careful for years as a Landscaper. I forget the name of the Antibiotics I had been perscribed but, they helped with the rash and the unbearable pain. I can't tell you this is a result of Lymes but, it's something to consider. Hope this helps