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PMR and Sciatica with Back Pain

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Hi, i had PMR when I was in my 50’s and had no problems with sciatica. It has recurred and I am now 74 and have some sciatica. I tend to think it is an indirect effect of PMR. Pain in one place causes me to alter my gait leading to pain someplace else. I do walk daily and do a senior exercise class 2-3 times a week. This class is now via Zoom, not in person and includes weights, aerobics, stretching. I find the sciatica pain is less likely to occur when I do this class regularly at my own pace. When the pain starts, I take Ibuprofen and mainly rest it for a few days. Interestingly, the first time I got the sciatica pain, it was a day after an acupuncture treatment I was trying??? This was when I was not on prednisone, but I think the PMR was “there”. It is hard sometimes to figure out which aches and pains are a direct result of PMR and which are secondary.

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Thank you Virginia for your comment. I used to take the senior aerobic classes but of course had to stop due to COVID. You have inspired me to try them again even though I am still a little worried about COVID.

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