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I have Allodynia and CRPS. It’s a constant pain and feels like someone is pouring acid on my upper left back and neck as well as my underarm area after a surgery that I had last year. 3 days post op I knew something was wrong because I had fever chills and my skin was burning and I kept going back but he blamed me for being to skinny… I found a new doctor and kept going to different doctors until I couldn’t take it anymore but as I was giving up and feeling like no one cared when they are supposed to as doctors, I went to the Neuroscience Institute and was finally diagnosed with Allodynia and CRPS and then went on a search for a specialist and after seeing another 3 specialist, I found the specialist who has been great and said you need this procedure (stellate ganglion block )and next week I’m finally scheduled for it. My doctor also said it should help but there is no cure only treatment for the pain so after these surgeries I might have to try ketamine treatments but they are really expensive (1500 per session and they usually do 3-6 infusion so over 10k) so I’m praying that at least the surgery will help me before we spend that kind of money. I believe the cost is cheaper now after the pandemic so if I have to try after all this I will no matter the cost because this pain is horrible and I still have other surgeries but hopefully this helps you. And remember you are your advocate so if you feel like a doctor isn’t helping than call their supervisor and definitely get a new doctor. It was my 3rd or 4th doctor who finally cared, was familiar with ways to help and offered them to me. Doctors are replaceable and some think that they aren’t and are doing us a favor being there patient but it’s a symbiotic relationship and mutual respect should be given. There are a lot of doctors that became doctors to help and I have found that they are the best to go to because not every doctor is familiar with something but if they care they will send you to someone else who does and hopefully you will end up finding what is wrong and specialists to help you.

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Thanks. Feels exactly like a bad sunburn all my whole body. Makes it impossible to sleep more than a couple of hours.

Have you tried lyrica or gabapentin? I have your condition and I use both of these. They calm down the burning a great deal. Next I have a spinal cord stimulator that really works well. I suggest these instead of your choices because these are way cheaper. Both are covered by insurance. One last thing I suggest. Beware of switching doctors all the time. You will be labeled as a drug seeker because of switching all the time. I'm not saying that. I just know how doctors in these times are. Then it will become increasingly hard to get any doctors to see you in the future. As a very long term pain patient I know this has happened to many patients I have Met.