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I don't want to settle for IBS-D diagnosis...

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Hi, I suffer chronic constipation and have most of my life. We may be on the opposite ends of the spectrum but it’s all the same, our digestive system. Best thing is find a very very good gastroenterologist. I don’t know where you live but it’s so important to start there. I live in New Hampshire and go into Boston. People ask all the time why I drive an hour and sometimes twice that if I can only get a 9am appointment. Do it. I live next to a state that has some of the best hospitals in the country. I always say why don’t you.
I think lab work which is simple and you need all the basics and more. A simple blood draw can give so much info. It can see inflammation, I go with my list of what I want. You need to get into the mind set that doctors work for you. Your paying them for a very skilled profession. I don’t know what insurance you have but if it’s covered, you want it. I think I’d push for a colonoscopy and endoscopy done together to start. That can really tell a lot and hopefully between those two tests and many labs it will get you in the right direction. Maybe after those they may do other tests. You have to learn to be your own advocate. That is very hard for so many. First, not sure where you live but seek out the best hospital Gastro department because most states are only booking beginning of next year. If you see your pcp with severe stomach pain they won’t order even a stomach ultrasound? Sorry your feeling this way. So many of us suffer diarrhea or constipation and it wrecks such havoc on our lives. Hang in there. All the best, Joanne

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Thank you for the advice, Joanne. I really appreciate it! I live about 2 hours away from the University of Michigan, so I will try getting an appointment with a GI there! I'm definitely better about being my own advocate now then I have in the past, and I'll continue to push for answers.

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