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Hi I am one of those people who asked about the tight band if it as normal. Well I am now 8 weeks out I had a mua at 6 weeks the tight band went away …after mua was going well for day or two i finally got to 80 degrees going well until inflammation put a stop to it all my knee could not handle therapy everyday after the mua….. my therapist said we needed to back of a little well I might be at 70 now little disappointed thought for sure I be further along. I have a great physical therapist he listens to me we come up with different game plans as we go….I am looking possibly getting another mua but I am going to ask for steroids also maybe help with some of the inflammation….I go dr on Tuesday so we will see.

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Thank you ezas123 for the post about your MUA success. Now you are feeling challenged by the ROM goal. You are lucky to have a great physical therapist. Both my orthopedic PT and my MFR therapist listen carefully to me and then remember everything a lot longer than I do these days. I have been so lucky to have my PT who pushed the new knee beyond my comfort zone so that I was making progress and my MFR therapist who kept my new knee from swelling, eliminated the pain and made sure everything was in alignment.

Will you let me know what happens next Tuesday. I am working hard on balance and better stamina. We can compare notes.

May you have good health and a grateful heart.

I’ve had therapist and massage person tell me that the MUA breaks up scar tissue but then the fascia each time grows I. Different directions. And forms a mesh/web like thing inside. Makes sense because I had knees done three months apart. MUA done 3 times on one knee and 2 on other and both knees still after 11 years feel exactly same right hand feeling 24/7. Never went away. I do have at least 120 degree rom. I’ve done cupping on myself which inthink is the answer just don’t do often enough.