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I had cdiff in Jun of 2019 and the treatment worked as I have not had it since. But I have been on antibiotics both for a lung infection and for dental work. No relapse at all and the only antibiotics I'm on now is for dental work. My dentist prescribed amoxicillian which is safe for c-diff sufferers. As another note when I was on Doxycycline for my lung infection I was also put on Lactobacillus Acidophilus to help balance my good bacteria in my gut to keep the bad bacteria at bay and it worked as I was on the Antibiotics for about year and no c-diff. Be aware also to get the exact type of the Lactobacillus Acidophilus in that order as the dominate part comes first and you don't want the acid based type. Which seems to be more available than the lacto based type. I got mine on Amazon. Hope that helps.

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It sure does! As I am expecting a call from the dentist this morning because I'm not sure the Doxycycline is doing it's job. I don't know, maybe it's too soon. It is good to know Amoxicillan is safe. I will discuss it with him and in the meantime I'm going to go check my probiotics. Thank you so much!

I was just changed to Amoxicillian for my dental work and your post gives me hope that the C-diff won't come back. I appreciate your information. I've been terrified of taking anything since my horrible experience and being extremely ill with C-diff after taking Clyndamycin. I also am taking the probiotics in the order given above. My bottle says two a day, but someone told me you can't overdose on probiotics and maybe I should take four during the time I'm taking the antibiotics. What are your thoughts/experience on this? Thank you!

Hi This is Jacque again. I need some reassurance. I have now been put on Amoxicillian for dental pain, switching from Doxycyline. (It just wasn't getting rid of the jaw pain.) I have a deeply broken root. BUT my question is: In your reply above, you mentioned that Amoxicillian "is safe for c-diff sufferers." I pray this is true. I am terrified of a relapse. I was comforted by your statement earlier but I haven't felt great today and am fearful. I'm not really having any C-diff symptoms but I don't want any either. I am taking the probiotics that you mentioned. My insides just don't feel very good today and maybe that's because of the post infectious IBS I was left with from the horrible C-diff back in February. I know I have to stay the course but if you have any words of reassurance or any other guidance, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. Jacque

Hi there, I trust you are well. Which lactobacillus Acidophilus did you use? Can you add a photo of it?