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Good MAC Doctor Recommendations

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Nov 14, 2021 | Replies (77)

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Need ID Dr in Atlanta/Chattanooga area.
I was diagnosed with Mac and Bronchiectasis in Jan of 2020. My pulmonologist recommended seeing an ID doctor. However, I’ve chosen to work with a Holistic doctor. I’m really doing well - feel good. Appreciate the progress working with her. My cough goes and comes and was at it’s best in June. I had a sputum test in June that came back negative. However, a CT in May showed new nodules.
I would like to consult with an ID doctor. From this site I think I need a nebulizer. My Pulmonologist recommended someone local until I said I wanted someone with experience and knowledge. Then, she recommended someone from her hospital/health care system that says she specializes in Bronc and Mac. I think I earlier saw someone recommend a doctor from Emory University. Either of these doctors are about and hour and a half away so that doesn’t make a difference. I just want the best to consult. I’ve considered Jacksonville, but one of my heart doctors said if I was going to Mayo to go to Rochester. They were the only place working together between specialties.
Is there anyone on this forum that has knowledge and experience in this area? I am also about an hour from Chattanooga so that area is an option also. Thanks for your expertise.

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@marianm44 I did see a pulmonologist at Mayo Rochester about my asthma. I kept getting lung infections from having trouble clearing my lungs and I was concerned about MAC. It turned out, I only had asthma, but here is the profile for the Mayo pulmonologist that I saw.
There is a Mac & Bronchietasis discussion group, so you can connect with other patients there. I see you have already posted there, but did you see this discussion about doctor recommendations?

I was diagnosed with MAC & bronchiectasis in Nov. 2017. Originally I went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for a consult with Pulmonologist Dr. Margaret Johnson. I am now her patient & recently was referred internally to an ID Dr. to discuss possible treatment with the “big 3”. Based on that consult, I did not start treatment. I would suggest that you contact Mayo in Jax for an appt. Take care.