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My heart goes out to you. My daughter was diagnosed in February age (42) with HER negative, ER/PR +. She decided on a double mastectomy with reconstruction. As a mother it is so hard to accept that your "baby girl" has to go through this. I read all the time about breast cancer and treatments to educate myself so I can feel more in control. It helps me cope. I have learned through all the reading that there is hope with all the treatments available. Everyone is different and there are miracles out there too! Keep the faith and I will pray for you mama. It's hard.

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Your daughter's diagnosis was exactly what my daughter's was almost 3 years ago. It seem like things are "out of order" for our daughters to have breast cancer. She really hopes to have children someday, but with the stage 4 diagnosis I'm not sure that'll be possible. I guess I'm the reverse, I can't research too much because of her staging, which gives her 3-5 years. Only God knows her last day here on earth, I'm so glad I don't know it, but I struggle immensely with her diagnosis. I have 4 younger children (ages 10-16) who are watching her go through this. I'm definitely praying for a miracle, they do still happen. I had a friend encourage me to find a support group for Moms with children who have cancer and I've not found one in my area (or they all meet remotely, which I don't want to do).

Yes keep the faith! I had Stage 3 – exactly like your daughter. Double mastectomy etc. I'm here and last week said no cancer – that makes it 3 yrs free. I went through it with flying colors. Well, let's say I went through it. My husband remembers some pretty bad days. I wasn't thrilled about the 3 'tattoos' I had to have to set up the radiation. But I'll take 3 pin dots over cancer any day.
Emotions were on the edge going through it and I could feel crying coming on with no real reason. So I'd say ok, I'm going to cry now, but it's nothing in particular. We would almost laugh while I was crying. Five minutes later, back to reading again. We laughed a lot at the absurdity of cancer. I think about it every day. I'm thrilled to be here. You are blessed with a daughter, and I know she'll make it through as I did.