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I know your daughter is glad you are on her team. I was in my 30s with my initial diagnosis, and the conversations with my mom were the best. I know you both are going through it right now so if I can offer support please let me know. The good news is with immunotherapies we are living longer with MBC. I read an article in the last few days talking about someone who was over 6 years out. To me that is hope. Is your daughter confident with her medical team? Does your daughter have children who would be concerned about genetics?

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She does have a good team of doctors. I agree, treatments change and get better, but I want to be realistic and not think that I have time with her that I don't. She's not going to live a long life, she won't have children, and it breaks my heart. When she was little, I was a single mom, and we were SO close as she was growing up. She doesn't have the breast cancer gene, there isn't a history in my family. There are times I just really struggle with her reality and as her initial diagnosis date approaches, it gets harder (though I don't let her know).