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During a pre-treatment session called a simulation, your treatment team will fully plan your therapy. A simulation session is essentially a “walk through” .. https://moffitt.org/cancers/lung-cancer/faqs/what-should-i-expect-during-radiation-therapy-for-lung-cancer/ an d I think something was said about another set of CT scans It is 10 days straight except for Saturdays and Sundays – so its goign to be an every day thing from tomorrow on – unless they delay for a day or to or start next Monday but I look for them to start immediately

The 5.3 acres has presented surprises buried in trees, brush and shrubs and things keep popping up out of ground – the Bobcat went down Sept 14 and had to had heads heii-coiled and ground down and then so good it caused blow-by and lost power – had to finally give in and got new engine on Sep 30 (my furniture money down the drain) – then a cylinder hose got cut in have because of wrong clip in the variable drive shaft it had to be ordered and friend is going back to Indy tomorrow so it will be sitting till he decides to sit until he deciders to come back if ever – i can't blame him if he does not. SO it looks like i will be back to wheel-burrowing stuff again.

I know I will not be able to do much till after friends treatments are over with – my bed ordered but will not be here will around Dec 1st do h ave the mattress got a Nectar so I guess I can unbox it if it gets to cold out here – I got copper wire, scrape metal to gather up by hand – do h ave lawn tractor and a wagon to do that with.

I am about to where I can totally give up on everything.

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@reibur1951 As I have never had radiation, I appreciate you explaining about the pre-treatment appointment. You will have a very tight schedule if the radiation treatments are daily. As I recall, the drive to Indy where your friend gets his treatment is several hours. I hope that goes well for you as well as for your friend.

I can't imagine the difficulty you are having in clearing the land on your own. I hope that it can go a bit smoother in the future.

I appreciate the updates. When your friend begins his daily radiation, will you let me know how he (and you) are doing with that process?