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Hello Bowmed,

I was diagnosed with a PSA of 7.9 and a Gleason of 4+3=7. I contacted the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix in July of this year, had a consultation with a radiation oncologist, had a bone scan (clear), minor surgery for Space OAR and prostate markers, and just started Pencil Beam Proton Therapy last week. I’ve had 2 sessions thus far of the Proton Therapy and will have my 3rd today. A total of 28 sessions have been scheduled out for me. I did a ton of research regarding how to proceed with treating my cancer and feel, so far, that I made a good choice. The daily Proton treatments are a piece of cake. The stress of getting to the point of starting treatment, on the other hand for me was quite unnerving. So, I would encourage you to keep trying to see if you can go the Proton route. Best of luck and hang in there….

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Hello kansascityhusker:
I am in contact with Mayo/ Phoenix and am sending chart notes for consideration. also in contact with California Proton in San Diego…So, you started in JULY and just had your first treatment LAST Week. Are you having ADT as well? Did you have to wait 2 months after ADT shot?