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Hello: This is my first post. New diagnosis of prostate cancer 09/07/2021. gleason 8 on first pathology MRI report…upgraded to gleason 9 when evaluated by a second pathology report. Apparently high risk. Am trying to get pencil beam proton therapy ASAP. Checked with one well known center and there is a 6 month wait list…am in process of contacting two other proton providers to see when they could begin treatments for me. Bone scan was good. Hoping that it doesn't spread before I can begin treatments…there is extra cellular extension.
Any comments appreciated…

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Hello @bowmed and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can understand with your gleason score why a 6-month wait list doesn't seem fitting and think it is great that you are reaching out to other centers that may be able to provide you care sooner.

That said, in the event you'd like to add another to your list to explore, I have added information on Mayo Clinic's proton beam program.

– Proton Beam Therapy Program:
Where have you tried to date? Perhaps other members can offer some suggestions as well.

Hi Bowmed, I can see your concern. A Gleason of 9 is serious. With the radiation treatment have they suggested Antigen Deprivation Therapy to slow the progress of the cancer and to shrink the prostrate? It takes 2 months after the ADT shot to start radiation. Three years ago when I was diagnosed with a Gleason score of 8, I was able to get into the Phoenix Mayo Clinic a week after they checked my diagnosis and started radiation 2 months later. Don't know if they are backed up now.

I believe that they also have Volumetric Modulated arc Radiation treatment. It's a photon radiation therapy but causes less damage then IRMT. My radiation oncologist at Mayo recommended it to a friend of mine with a Gleason score of 8.

Hope you are able to find a place to get in earlier. I am glad I got the proton beam therapy. There were a few bumps along the way but the results were good.

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