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My Primary described it as the "Perfect Storm":
1) Long term asthma
2) Exposure to asbestos, industrial chemicals in the air where I grew up and paper dust in early work years
3) Repeated bouts of pneumonia and bronchitis
4) Heredity (I am 2nd of 3 generations with Bronchiectasis in my family, and 4th of 6 generations with asthma – my great-grandfather died of an asthma attack, my grandfather was moved "off the farm" and to town because the animals caused his attacks…)

I tested negative for the CF genes, but my daughter has 2, has complex asthma & bronchiectasis at age 40.


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I grew up with parents, both of them smokers. People of their times. It was “the thing to do.” Lots of Hollywood smoked. So I inhaled a good deal of second-hand cigarette smoke during my developmental years. And despite their efforts to discourage me following their example, by age 13 or so I was “experimenting” a bit.

Through high school, college and later graduate school I was an “off and on” smoker. I finally quit for the last time around 1976. Like my parents, I favored unfiltered Camels.
I suspect that smoking is more likely to contribute to cancer than directly to an infectious disorder though it probably does increase vulnerability across the board.

Smoking Camels while in college created an amusing moment one day when between classes a kid approached me to “bum” a cigarette. When I pulled a pack of Camels from my pocket he immediately waved me off. They were strong; initially made me dizzy which other brands didn’t do. Glad that unhealthy era is behind me. Don

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