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Odds of a cochlear implant not helping?

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Hi Julie,

The Audi I saw for the bone condution evaluation told me they don't need to do MRIs anymore…just CT scans. I was always unde the imipression that an MRI was necessary. Things change so rapidly.
Advanced Bionics and Phonak are owned by the same healthcare company. So you get a free assisted deviced from AB, like the Roger Pen.

FL Mary

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That's interesting as an MRI is far more sophisticated than a CAT Scan. I understood the MRI would detect abnormalities like acoustic neuromas or unusual bone issues that might make it difficult to do a CI.

The CI – Hearing Aid – Assistive Technology is also interesting. Cochlear teams up with ReSound, and includes 2 of their accessories with an implant. I think Med-El teamed up with Oticon, but not sure. Maybe someone else out there knows. AB is with Phonak. Yes.

Its unfortunate that they are not universal with their syncing. I have been using a Widex HAs for years, and have had excellent results with them. Great telecoil, etc. Widex does not sync with my Cochlear CI processor. I tried 5 different ReSound models when I upgraded to the CI processor that was designed to sync with the ReSound products. They worked great when I was using the accesories, but when I was listening without the assistive tech I could not hear as well as I had been hearing with the Widex aid and the Cochlear processor. I have continued to use Widex.

Frustrating to say the least. When I'm able to upgrade to the next generation CI processor I will try again, hoping that improvements with ReSound since the last attempt will make a difference.

In fairness to the brand issue, I do believe that a person adjusts to the sound they are used to hearing with a specific product. Changing products can affect that.

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