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MRI showed SVD + WMH

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@yellowdoggirl I can hear the concern in your post. The following information may prove helpful as you learn more and I see @darkarta has also responded to you as well.

Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: What to Know & What to Do — https://betterhealthwhileaging.net/cerebral-small-vessel-disease/

Did your doctor recommend seeing a neurologist with regard to your symptoms?

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Hi Amanda,I have read this article and have a LOT of problems with it.First of all terms like "mild""moderate" and "severe" are entirely subjective.There are ways to actually measure,there are scales of measurement that have been used in studies and should be imposed on all radiologist to define degrees of white matter disease.Secondly,by the time someone is having symptoms the disease may be quite advanced and there are many more reasons not mentioned in this article for white matter disease.For example, people who have inflammatory diseases,such as rheumatoid arthritis may be at higher risk since this is systemic in nature and can inflame blood vessels in the brain as well as other vascular beds.
As the population ages white matter and the toll it takes on the person,their families and resources required to care will become a great social and medical burden.This article does point directions,or look at these factors critically.

Thanks Amanda, yes, I am waiting to hear that I have been accepted as a patient at a neurology clinic specializing in the other problems I am having, too. Soon, I hope.
I'm far more at peace now, too, thanks to communication with folks here.

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