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How much did you lose? Did you keep it off? I’m 69 and thinking about having the surgery. I just had hernia surgery a few days ago. I’ve had three doctors tell me if I don’t lose weight I’m going to die. I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I eat because it taste good. I have all the same problems you had. I also had a heart ablation last year. I don’t do surgeries well. Any advice you could give me would be highly appreciated.

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Hi Diane,
I am so glad you reached out. Having surgery is scary, no doubt, especially when you know it is a matter of life or death!!!!
I wasn't quite at that stage, but my body was telling me loud and clear that it was not happy with me and I'd better do something or the attack will be worse!
I tried all sorts of diets but the weight just kept on coming.
Like you, I ate because I LOVE food, not necessarily because of hunger.
Besides all the ailments, I also don't respond well to surgery. I become tachacardic and I have a hard time waking up from anesthesia.
That being said, I did see a therapist (not related to weight loss surgery) and when I knew I was having surgery, he helped me to prepare mentally. It was a great thing!

Weight loss surgery (WLS) is NOT an easy way out. It is a lot of work that starts before you ever hit the operating table and goes on a life time.

As I said, I was 61 when I had surgery nearly 5 years ago. I was hoping to lose 100 lbs. + but I loss 90 lbs. Not too bad and lots of issues resolved very quickly. However, I've gained back between 10-15 lbs. This is NOT unusual. Most people will gain back something. I forget what the % of weight gain is. It is also common for people to gain back all or most of their weight within 5-10 years.

You see, the first year to 1-1/2 yrs. you lose weight pretty easily. After that, you have to work harder at it to maintain or to keep the gain down.

My advice is to go to a free informational session that is closest to your home. Then, if you like what you hear, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH not just a surgeon, but a weight loss surgery program that offers nutritional and emotional counseling as well as yearly follow ups to make sure everything is going well. After that, go to their informational session. Told you the work starts way before you get on the table.

Truth is, if you are not ready or not willing to do the work, WLS WILL FAIL within the first couple of years.

Good luck!
If I can answer any questions, I'll be happy to!

@diane69 , your comment about eating because it taste good sounds so familiar. That was one of my problems.
I use a mine game, the first bite taste great, 2nd bite also, but then after few bites ask your self is it worth it. Sort of a version of portion control. It is risky because you have to be able to stop and not eat entire serving.

This method works for me when I am craving something, I know only a very small portion will satisfy desire, so put very little on plate and rarely finish everything on plate.

It takes will power, but everything does.

I had gastric bypass over 10 years ago and lost weight first year, then slowly gained. I also had problems with low iron which lead to fatigue. I have my weight back under control and now actually at my lowest weight for last 20 years.

One thing that has helped is going back and meeting with someone from team that did my surgery. They were great help with advice. I now do a annually check in with someone at Mayo endocrinology department.


If you are healthy enough, go for it. I had the RNY bypass as I had too much damage to qualify for sleeve. My friends lost imminence amounts of weight with sleeve. Nothing like the sweet taste of being normal weight when heavy all your life Good luck

I lost 200 pounds in about 9 months then gradually gained it back, not all of it though. I stayed steady at about 225, for about 20 years. Then I went back and forth, winter weight, if I drank pepsi , I would go up to 250 then back to 225. I was weighed today, 221.My white blood count was up, so the knee surgeon wanted to look at the foot.He thought maybe I had a infection.I do not see my foot Dr. until Friday.I’m 56 years old and Im going on my 15 operation. I have one more good recovery in me I think. I’m going to get my body ready for a 15 to 20 year run. I’am going to work hard ,save my money and hope for a good retirement for 10 years.I have a lot of faith. The main thing is exercise, every time I did, eat the rite foods. I had a good run of health.I have been working for 40 years, I owne my own company . So I need the time to get some fun left in me .Well take care hope all is well. Martin