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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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First of all congrats for all your good news. So where did you get this done (the Y90)? my lung cancer spread to my liver. I asked my oncologist about the Y90. He shook his head no. Do you know why he said I am probabdly now eligable? I see him again next week and will ask again.. I just feel like anything I do will help! I am near Sanford University and will inquie there again about this. And again congrats!!!

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Thanks for the well wishes. Have my next CT end of November. Praying the Carsonomas stay away!

I had carsonomas (like little tumors) in my liver that they shot full of the Y90 radiation beads. I wonder if the cancer you have is just spread throughout the liver so there’s nothing to shoot at? I don’t know what the treatment is in that case. I don’t like it that he just shook his head no and didn’t tell you why.

I go to UC Health which is a big medical facility associated with the University of Colorado. They have specials for any health problem. Also go to a cardiologist there who is great. If you can’t get to Mayo I would get second opinions from Stanford. They must have a great oncology unit there.

Good luck with this. Keep going until you get answers. I have an acquaintance that has “untreatable” lung cancer that was given 2 years that has celebrated 3 and going strong. She’s starting into a new research testing drug that has her very hopeful. I do r know more than that because I don’t know her very well. She’s a friend of a friend and on my prayer list.

KEEP AT IT! Blessings, Diane

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