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Hello @jkay2418, I can speak a bit to this. I have PA, IBS, Celiac disease, am vegetarian, and have an autoimmune connective tissue disease.
The PA is easy for me – oral B12 @ 1000 mcg/day does the trick. When it came to the celiac-vegetarian-ibs issue, I made good use of my health-insurance-provided dietitian's expertise.
I started with a low Fodmap-fodmap elimination diet and food diary.
It was a time-consuming pain, but worth the effort.
The Monash info is great. I bought their cookbook, but not the app.
I am a year in and can now carefully eat some of what was a big problem. I was able to escape the stressful job that precipitated the IBS so that helped a lot.
Can you get access to a dietitian to support you in the FODMAP elimination/reintroduction process?
Can your doctor refer you to one?
This help is what really helped me the most.
Keep reading and learning and cooking!
I wish you success and comfort with your food!

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Thank you so much! I’m so glad you have found relief. Monash app is outstanding. I highly recommend. Makes shopping and eating out so much easier. Very user friendly. And yes, working with a local dietician. Big help! I wish you the best of luck. Will get their cookbook!!!