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I can’t thank you enough for the information and reply! There are definitely a lot of similarities to what you experienced. I hope you are doing better and we’re able to make a full recovery to your old self! I am absolutely going to ask my primary about this scenario as it makes a ton of sense and there are too many parallels. The psychiatrist I was referred to said similar things at first, but the last visit thought maybe enough time had passed for that to be the issue and felt it was anxiety/depression. I don’t really agree with that but do acknowledge that the longer this has gone on, the more anxiety and depression are becoming a factor just due to the stress, if nothing else. The rest of the doctors I spoke with blew off the suggestion that anesthesia (or the combo of 9 drugs they gave me) had anything to do with my symptoms. The refrain I got was that those drugs are out of your system in a day or two, so it couldn’t be that. I was skeptical of that because alcohol is out of your system in hours, but when I was younger I had a couple of hangovers that lasted for days! I am mostly joking, but the concept would seem to be the same. Thanks again for your most helpful input and I will definitely bring it up to the doctors I am seeing and update this post as I get answers.

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Another parallel, if they tell you it's out of your system, is that people who have taken LSD and other psychogenic drugs can have flashbacks months and years later. It is not necessarily what is in your bloodstream today, it is what that stuff did to your brain and nervous system while it was there.