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I am sorry to hear of your wife's sepsis, @jerrynord. Yes, that can be very difficult to treat when there are other pre-existing conditions. I would like to invite @IndianaScott to join this conversation. He also lost his wife after a long battle with cancer and he can undoubtedly share with you.

Are there any grief support groups in your area? Can you speak with a pastor or other counselor? Being all alone makes grief even more difficult.

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Dear jerry,
I am writing to tell you that I lost my husband over 20 years ago in a car accident. Loss of a spouse is a very traumatic loss and no one can understand this pain. It is very unique loss and everyone goes through this differently. kubler_Ross says there are five stages of grief…. the first is denial…. I stayed in this stage for over 2 years.. No one goes through this the same way…. please talk and get it out…your wife would want your pain eased… God bless you May may please write when you can

Hi @jerrynord I'm Scott, the IndianaScott, @hopeful33250 referenced. My wife and I were married for 40+ years when she died after a decade and a half war with her brain cancer.

My personal perspective is that I believe each of us grieves in our own, unique way; just as we each loved our lost love uniquely. I, too, found no solace in talking with others about my grief. It made it worse, but I did find that being able to discuss my feelings here on Connect to be a big help to me. Again, personally, I found my grief path was my own and not something that was 'prescribed' by folks who called themselves experts on the topic.

I lost my wife five years ago and I still grieve for her every day, just in different ways than before. I think we grieve in proportion to how much we loved our lost one.

If you'd like to ask me any questions or for ideas about things I tried and found helpful through my grief journey, please let me know!

Strength, Courage, & Peace