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Thank you Rachel, I appreciate the reply and information! I am in fact a coach and have been a wrestling and football coach for years. I did watch the video and found it very interesting. I can see how the process of CSS would influence receptors to “trick” the body into thinking something is wrong. I will certainly keep that info in my back pocket as I go through the discovery process (well hopefully there is some discovery) and try to find solutions to my issues. I truly don’t feel that CSS is my issue but of course I would defer to smarter folks than me to figure it all out. My symptoms have morphed a bit in the past week and I am now getting tremors in the morning with a pounding headache, tinnitus (pulsing with heartbeat in left ear, ringing in both) and waves of nausea/dizziness/disconnected feelings through the day and night. I’m still quite restless and have been unable to sit and watch TV, read a book or do much of anything other than pace and walk all day. I do realize how odd this all sounds and my primary is equally perplexed. He’s run a lot of tests for autoimmunity and inflammation, but the only test that has come back concerning were a high complement total. Based on that and my rather extreme rapid weight loss he ordered an abdominal CT scan which came back clean other than the bladder wall thickening and diverticulosis. I am hoping I can get some answers soon as I am truly out of steam and running out of hope. I am not very smart with medical issues and would prefer to leave that stuff to the pros, but someone I know suggested csf pressure as a possibility. I truly have no idea…. Thanks again for the reply and information! It is helping me keep my sanity to have good people like you reply with information that I can mention to my primary.

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You're very welcome. I'm glad you are aware now, and I agree that it's too early to determine CSS.

You mention being out of work. Have you been able to journal your symptoms and time lines? I found this very helpful, not only to inform my doctors, but also for my disability claims. Also, when you're going through the stress of pain, symptoms and uncertainty, life gets overwhelming quick.

Keep fighting Coach 💪🏽...just like you'd expect from your athletes. I'm certainly rooting for you and will keep my eye on your forward, hopeful progress.