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Second Nissen Failure... what are my options?

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@evanssandy34 … Welcome to the Club of Failed Nissens… I am 84 now.. had the Nissen 6 yrs ago for GERD.. at my local central Iowa Hosp./surgeon.. Again worse decision I ever made.. They damaged enough of that hairnet like nerve system that makes the stomach work.. that My Mayo GI Doctor called it Post operative gastroparesis.. Every meal is a challenge.. the best you feel each day is in the morning when stomach is empty… I had lost 50# before going up to Mayo.. to have them give me a way to cope.. I have gained back 40#.. but it is a battle every day .. Mayo prescribed a Mirtazapine to make me want to eat… and I know I have to eat.. everytime I go through the kitchen.. put something in your mouth.. pack a snack bag to go to work.. eating out gives you twice the food you can eat.. and not be bloated.. but You know and I know eating is not optional.. it is a requirement.. When I have guests, not often… they are amazed I don't weigh a ton.. but Vitamin Pills, generic Nexium, probiotics, gas-x..keep me going with some stability… Good Luck.. Mayo told me the Nissen could NOT be taken down.. We are stuck with it.. Ken

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Yes, it can be taken down. I'm looking into a Dr. Smith in Atlanta and I have an appointment with a Dr. Hoppo in PA to do take down. If you are on facebook, join the Nissen Funduplication Take Down group. This is where I found some recommended Dr.'s that do take downs and stories of others like us, to include some of the take down stories. This give me some hope and I'm searching hard for an answer to this mess.

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