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When is Lactulose recommended?

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@rozy288 Hi Rosemary,

I really appreciate the added information about Xifaxan. I am sorry to hear about all of the digestive problems you have had. It really can be frustrating to have digestive problems. It creates difficulty with eating and so much more!

I am so glad to hear that you are being seen at Mayo. I look forward to hearing how that appointment goes. I hope that it gives you some more information and some help.

If you don't mind sharing, what is the most difficult digestive symptom you have right now?

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@hopeful33250 The worst of my symptoms are 3000-4000 deep wet sewer water tasting belches day and night . So much non stop 🛑 gastric distress , non stop churning , grinding .. loud small bowel sounds that could wake you up at night . Like aliens 👽 in a war zone . I can’t eat anything w/o being so sick 🤢. I’ve been diagnosed w/ chronic gastritis , small hiatal hernia , esophagitis , Class B GERD, diverticulosis. I’ve had so many tests in the 7 years, elimination diets , tested for everything. I’m a medical mystery to the Dr’s . It’s a hard hard life . I can’t enjoy much of anything. We cook at home nightly and no fast food , caffeine , low dairy and low sugar . I just turned 60 last week. I’ve lost most of my 50’s to this .
They will do endoscopy w/ endo flip , a special CScan of small bowel and other organs nearby , a 2 hr Lactulose a Breath test ( again ) at Mayo.
May or may not be able to figure it out Drs said . I live on Ultra Pepto, tried every enzyme, every pre pro Biotic , every PPI , you make it I’ve done it .
Thanks for asking … keep praying 🙏!!

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