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When is Lactulose recommended?

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@hopeful33250 Hi , Xifaxan is more like an antibiotic they use to kill H-Pylori in the small intestines. You know if you have it if you get the Lactulose Breath test sometimes called SIBO test .

I’ve had a few , and been on that RX a few times ( it’s 2 week max being in it ).
I requested to go on it all times even being neg at time for SIBO . I’ve had horrendous digestive disorders fir 7.5 years, 5 Gastro Drs … so many tests, RX , diets. , holistic . No relief. Going for 3 tests at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Oct 3-6 w/ new Gastro . Long wait to get televisit!! Finally going . Praying 🙏 they can help cure me or something soon . Rosemary….

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@rozy288 Hi Rosemary,

I really appreciate the added information about Xifaxan. I am sorry to hear about all of the digestive problems you have had. It really can be frustrating to have digestive problems. It creates difficulty with eating and so much more!

I am so glad to hear that you are being seen at Mayo. I look forward to hearing how that appointment goes. I hope that it gives you some more information and some help.

If you don't mind sharing, what is the most difficult digestive symptom you have right now?

Hi Rosemary, I have also been to many Gastro Drs with no help. Finally went to one who told me he would figure it out and he did, with a colonoscopy and endoscopy, diagnosed with pancreatic insufficiency, and tortuous colon with many twists and turns. Am on enzymes, and other meds and doing so much better. Its all about the right Dr. Good luck!

@rozy288 Are you referring to xifaxan when you say you can only be on it for two weeks? That must be true for your type of problem but people with cirrhosis are on it for much longer. I took xifaxan for about 16 months.

I hope you can solve your digestive problems, it must be so difficult to live with. Have you tried the FODMAP diet recommended by @gloria811? That sounds like it could help, I know it does with many things.

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