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I had a hip replacement surgery August 23, 2021.I was doing really well the first three weeks and then woke up one day with sharp pains so I can’t just use a cane anymore. I called my doctor and they explained that it could be just change is causing the pain and I said I was doing so well but they don’t seem to have an explanation. Has anyone else experienced this

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I had Total Hip Replacement July 22, 2021. Almost immediately I began having hamstring cramps in the operative thigh. I don’t know if you mean this specifically or pain in general in your thigh. My doctor also does not know what’s causing this. My cramping is when I’m lying down mainly. I’ve been doing physical therapy, acupuncture, using a TENS unit and a topical cream with the initials DB. (Not sure if I name it in this forum.). I also take Arthritis Strength Acetaminophen. The acupuncture, TENS unit, and cream have been the most help along with stretching. Even if you’re pain is non-hamstring these should also help.
I can add a few more comments but don’t know if your problem is with the hamstring. Feel free to respond and tell me if it’s hamstring related.

Hi sorry to hear your recovery hasn’t been easy. My husband experienced very similar issues. He compared it to spasms/extreme cramps and for someone who has a very high pain threshold, the experience was the worst. Try and change your diet to include lots of protein. Use ice to help with the pain and try some tonic water. These have helped him and doesn’t experience them as much now. Hope these pass soon.