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Total Knee Replacement: Swelling

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I sure appreciate your sharing your experience with swelling. I have read other instances of people using prednisone. Can you tell me at what point you started switching over to Heat and when you got MFR treatment?

I know it is early in my recovery I am just trying to stay ahead of the game when and where possible. I find it interesting that so many different types of treatments work for different situations and people.

I have a feeling that once my swelling goes down my pain level will go down as well. That will be a welcome relief and make PT and recovery much more bearable.

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Glad to be encouraging. The swelling reduced over a week. The stretching w heat started about then and continued for the next 4 - 5 weeks after which I stopped formal PT.
Hot towel compress for 15 minutes and MFR during last 5 minutes.
My PT devised a technique that sat me a quad strength apparatus but had me use the equipment backwards applying pressure to flex my knee. After 5 minutes would shift to quad lifts and then back to stretching.
But remember what has been said - that everyone is different and we all heal in our own time.

Good afternoon @ginzy53. I was looking for your response today. Thank you.

Yes, I have also read that prednisone can be helpful with swelling. However, it is a form of cortisone and has quite a few side effects that worry me. That is why I choose the MFR and PT. And just to catch up with the fast train here, I owe you a couple of answers. 1. The MFR treatment session is one hour twice a week. During that time, one of the therapists works just on my surgery knee while the other one takes care of the small fiber neuropathy issues.

2. And I think I may have written the Heat recommendation incorrectly. The machine at the orthopedic center can be set to be only cold or to go back and forth from heat to cold. It lasts 15 minutes at the end of the exercises and all my effort. I love that last 15 minutes. Gives me time to catch my breath. I k
eep telling them as they make every exercise more challenging to remember that I am almost 80. They just chuckle.

May you be free of suffering from inner and outer harm.

Good for you @ginzy53, for staying ahead of the game. Sometimes we get out over our skies a bit but that is better than trying to beat it from somewhere behind the eight ball.

And you are quite right.....as soon as the swelling is reduced, the pain will also stat to

My knee was quite tight. It is now wrinkled and looks like it belongs to a 79 year old once again.

What are you going to challenge next? Good luck.
May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.