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I am also interested. My kettle shuts off too.

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It seems that many of us are worried because we don't know how to keep water boiling for 10 min in an electric kettle, after it automatically shuts off. Thus, we're trying to follow the sequence (A) in the attached diagram: the water reaches first boil in the kettle and keeps boiling until it becomes a rolling boil and the is when the automatic shut-off operates.

I consulted Dr. Falkinham on this matter, and he explained that adding 10 min after the water reached the rolling boiling stage was not necessary. So we need to follow the sequence shown as (B) in the second attached diagram, that shows that after the water reached the full or rolling boiling stage we can safely stop the boiling process. No need to worry about overriding or not using the automatic shut-off, if we're using an electric kettle equipped with one.