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Total Knee Replacement: Swelling

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Hello, I am sorry to hear that you are having a lot of swelling, but wow, 10 days is really early in the recovery process.

You have a wise therapist. I wish all of them would acknowledge that every body is different, and entitled to individual an individual treatment schedule. Ask the PT to show you strategies for increasing range of motion without their equipment. Most are very willing to show you how to improvise.

The hardest thing for me to believe, when I had my first hip replacement, was how many things were affected by "one little incision" - then I realized that my bones had been cut and hammered, muscles and ligaments moved and bruised, nerves cut and damaged, and blood lost - my body was in distress. For some people there is pain, swelling, numbness, weakness, muscle spasms, or all of these.
Everyone heals at their own rate, and it can be different with every surgery.

Apparently, your body has decided to slow you down by swelling, you just have to respect that and keep doing what you can. Just find that fine line between exercise/rest/ice and overdoing it.

One of the beautiful things about connect is that we are all walking the path back to health, and can encourage one another.

I'm wishing you lessmswelling and more range of motion in the coming week.

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Much like The first reply to my post yours is very encouraging and thoughtful and I do appreciate it. I guess my ultimate concern is scar tissue. I have read stories suggesting that if you do not get your range of motion back relatively early in the recovery process scar tissue can form and it tends to be very difficult to break down and regain full range of motion. In other words, is there a time frame for getting back range of motion after which it becomes very difficult? Thoughts?

I have always been in tune with my body and it’s abilities and limits. Your comment that my swelling may be my body slowing me down is not unreasonable. I’m not interested in punishing myself for no reason. If however, there is a limited window for each of us to regain motion then I would be inclined to push my limits a bit.