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Pancreastatin level at 1500

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Yes I am so ready to be done with the scans. At least they said I will not have to get a new pet scan because my pancreastatin came down. Yes seeing my pancreastatin come down has really motivated me to continue with lifestyle changes to improve my health. They should be calling me soon to schedule the new ct scan I haven't heard anything yet. The contrast ct scans are my least favorite I the contrast always gives me palpitations and tachycardia for a while afterwards.

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Hello @cfuller84

I've heard from other members on Connect who have reactions to contrast. Some of them had been given an IV of fluids before the contrast was administered. You would probably have to have your doctor put in an order in advance to try this but perhaps it would help.

I don't usually have after-effects from the contrast but I do get flushed and have a strong metallic taste in my mouth during the process (not to mention that it is hard to find a good vein)!

I hope it goes well for you. If possible, will you let me know when the scan is scheduled?