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Total Knee Replacement: Swelling

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I’m 10 days out from replacement and have a lot of swelling. How can you improve ROM if swelling prevents moving? I elevate, ice and compress multiple hours a day using the NICE iceless machine?

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Good afternoon @ginzy53. Welcome to Connect. I am just one of a group of mentors who share their experiences with members. We are all patients or former patients and caregivers or providers. We believe that knowledge is power and will try our best to understand your concerns and respond appropriately so that you can make informed choices.

First of all....I think that for 10 days. you are right where you should be in terms of the road to recovery from a TKR. Swelling is a build-up of fluids that your body creates to help you heal. And I believe there is some inflammation going on.

Do you use a wedge to elevate your knee? I looked at some of the NICE machines and didn't see an "elevator" for that knee.

Have you started Physical Therapy at a special Orthopedic facility? I have been very impressed with the attention given to me and the manner in which they PTs reassure me that I am on the right path to recovery. They facilitate healing and increased use of the knee by changing up the difficulty, e.g. learning to get out of a chair without holding on. You first start with a seat at 16 inches. When you master that, they move the seat down to 12 inches which makes your knee work harder and get stronger. They ask you to learn balance and strength by standing on your surgery leg for 20 seconds at first. Now I do 3 sets of 20 seconds. This really improves the security I feel. Squats both in repose and from a standing position are also very helpful.

In reference to the angle measurements and your knee being too swollen...the PT folks understand. I have a set of 6 exercises that I do at home to keep the leg stretched out so that I can reach the extension goal of "0". Currently, I am at 137 ROM and I owe that success to this set of exercises. It's a lot.....30 repetitions twice a day. They also had me do the same exercises twice a day starting one month before surgery and they began post-surgery exercises 1 day after. Of course, they didn't expect me to do very many at that time. I graduated back up to 30.

And finally, have you heard of or tried MFR, Myofascial Release Therapy. I go for two sessions a week. They work on the swelling and any pain you may be experiencing. The swelling is reduced by moving the fluid up your leg where it can find its way to your bladder and be released when you urinate.

So at 5 weeks or 35 days, I am working on stairs. Last week, I just climbed up the stairs one foot after another. This week, I start going down the stairs one foot after the other. That requires more stability. I do this 3 times a day. And this was the week I started driving after passing my life partner's driving test. I practiced on our frontage road until I felt secure.

One of the things they don't encourage is moving too fast. They yanked me back from walking more than 1/2 mile at this point. And they said no Yoga practice yet because some of the poses may not be knee-friendly.

Please relax and do only what is appropriate for your recovery stage at this time. Be grateful for and excited about your new knee.

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.