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Hi guys!

Been to a GP many times and have an appointment with a Rheumy on Monday, but I'm hoping to get some third, fourth and fifth opinions before going on Prednisone at 31. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I'm pretty healthy, exorcised frequently before this, and have never had any serious health issues prior to this as well. I did drink too much in my 20's but have all but stopped at this point.

I'll start with a quick walk through of the progression of my symptoms.


I noticed rash patches had developed all over my scalp. They were causing some serious dandruff -- never had anything like this before. Was worried it might be Psoriasis, but the doc. said it's scalp eczema, which makes sense because I had eczema as a kid.


Developed Plantir Fascitis in both feed (I'm active, not overweight, and have never had it before in my life). After some rest it went away it my right foot but I basically still can't walk on my left foot.

Started developing pain in my right index finger. Chalked it up to overuse as I work as a developer and, well, that's the finger I click the mouse with. Doc. also said that it was Tendonitis and to just lay off it for a bit. I started using a finger splint and the pain seemed to get a little better after about two weeks, but then...


Started developing a tenderness in my upper vertebrae, then it started hurting when I would bend over or get up out of bed. I went to the doctor again and mentioned I use kettle-bells for working out and he said it was probably just a stress injury from that and unrelated to my finger pain/scalp rashes. He told me to lay off the weights for a bit.

Over the course of the next week or two, the pain just kept spreading and getting worse. My spine is tender from about half-way up to the neck now, it's in both of my shoulders, the front of my hip bones, my right wrist, and upper arms. Now my ribs are tender when I press on them as well. It's excruciating to roll over in bed, and takes a concerted effort to sit up and get out of be. I can also hardly put my socks on. The pain in my index finger has subsided somewhat, but I started using my middle finger for the mouse instead and then it swelled up to the size of a sausage, became incredibly painful to bend and literally impossible to bend more than half way -- I've been keeping it in a splint and icing it daily for weeks now.


Two months ago, when the pain first started really spreading, the doc. gave me a Naproxen prescription and I took two 500mg/day. for a month. It seemed to help somewhat with the pain a few hours after taking it, but only about a 40-50% reduction.

After I ran out of Naproxen, the doc. said we can try and knock it out with a short course of Prednisone -- so I did a week of Prednisone at 40mg for three days and 20mg for four days.

The Prednisone completely relieved my symptoms at first, but by the last day some of the pain had come back and after I stopped it all came back with a vengeance.

Now the doctor has sent off a referral to a Rheumatologist to get a second opinion before starting me on a year+ of Prednisone (the only known effective treatment for PMR).


Please, if there are any doctors out there, could you have a look at my labs and see if this diag. makes sense?

The blood work seems to indicate inflammation for sure, and there are no RF factors, but the avg. age of PMR onset is 70, with is being extremely rare in people under 50. Furthermore, the swollen fingers, Plantir Fascitis, and scalp rashes don't seem to be common symptoms of PMR.

Very keen to get any more professional opinions.

I also just had two chest X-rays and an X-ray on my right hand done, as well as a blood test for my calcium levels (in case of hypo/hyperthyroidism -- I read that's a possible differential) and some test for gout (although it's probably definitely not gout as it's all over my body) -- I've attached the X-rays diag. below and will update with the additional bloods as soon as I get them back.



ESR: 28mm/hr

CRP: 28mg/L

ANA Titre: 1:80, speckled pattern (doc. said this was essentially nominal)

Platelets: 447 x 10e9/L (again, doc. said this was nothing to worry about)

Full bloods and X-ray diagnosis attached.

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I am not a physician, but I am a veterinarian with a “PMR husband.” A good rheumatologist with their battery of tests to rule out other immune-mediated disease is a good plan. 31 seems young for your diagnosis. Be your own advocate! Have a list of questions. Good Luck and please post results.

I was 44 when diagnosed. There are always outliers in the equation. My ESR and CRP where pretty near normal. I did have pain in my chest too. Every breath I took was painful. Felt like the connective tissue between my ribs was inflamed so when I breathed it caused stretching and pain.

Hello @ohgodithurts, I would like to add my welcome to Connect along with @rkndvm @ltta and others. You will notice that we moved your post to this existing discussion - PMR initial diagnosis: Can there be an underlying disease? where you can meet other members with similar questions and symptoms. I'm happy to read that your doctor has already set you up with a referral to a rheumatologist who normally deals with these types of conditions. It's good that you are asking questions and seeking information. I would recommend making a list of your symptoms and timeline similar to what you have done here and be ready to discuss them when you meet with the rheumatologist. In both my occurrences of PMR, I was questioned about the tenderness in the scalp and/or temples and head area which is an indication of giant cell arteritis (GCA) and condition that is associated with PMR in some people and much more serious.

As patients ourselves with no medical background or experience, we can only share our experience and symptoms with you. How soon is your appointment with the rheumatologist?

Have you been evaluated for psoriatic arthritis?